Active Artists Alliance

Nine Year Anniversary Show1378388_10151614177236736_464430257_n
Saturday November 30 at 6pm
Jamestown Renaissance Center

Live Music By:
Drums & Space (C.Larson / D. McDonald)
Tony Flint
Justin Moyar
Uncle Claud’s Band
Grace Lynn Stumberg acoustic
and more TBA

Hooping Demos & Stuff with Flow-716

New Visual Art by:
Pam Gifford
Kate Harris
Christopher Balaskas w/ Volt Vision
David Grice
Angela Caley
Bill Thomas
Robbie Mills
James Doltie Christian
and a bunch more.


The Active Artists Alliance is a collection of people utilizing all media to reflect and shape the construction of the world we inhabit. We are a web of communities creating novel and easily replicable and forms of exhibiting art, a group of folks possessing varying interests and experience teaching each other and entering into a process that definition constantly evades, the process of living, creating and accepting responsibility for our world and its continued creation. We invite others to do the same.

Read more at the Active Artists Alliance website.

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